ECCN for Auth0 system

Dose anyone know ECCN( Export Control Classification Number) for Auth0 system?
I am making Single Page Applicaiton using Auth0 login system. but I am wondering if I can export my apps because sometimes some library has limitation for exporting.

Hey there @r.tomizawa, I am currently looking into this for you. Once I have any information on this subject I will be sure to relay it along with documenting it for future use of others. Thanks!

Hey! As an update, your question is currently on our Compliance team’s queue and we are expecting an answer from them any time soon.

We will keep you posted!


@r.tomizawa following up on this, we heard from the Compliance team and was able to obtain Auth0’s US ECCN which will be listed below. After receiving this, we crafted a FAQ detailing the same question and answer to help any one in the future that may run across the same scenario. Thank you for asking and being patient. Please let us know if you have any questions in the future as well!

Auth0 - US Export Control Classification Numbers

Auth0 Platform: ECCN 5D992.c
‘Mass Market’ encryption items under Section 740.17(b) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) based on Auth0’s self-classification.

Auth0 Platform SDKs: ECCN 5D002
Based on Auth0’s self-classification, and pending notification to BIS and NSA as publicly available pursuant to EAR ß742.15(b).

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I have additional question.
What is the difference between Auth0 Platform and Auth0 Platform SDKs?

The Auth0 platform being what runs your authentication flows. Where as the platform SDKs are the software development kits to embed these authentication flows that you can run in your own application. I hope this helps answer your question but please be sure to let us know, thanks!

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