Downloading files from IIS only if authenticated

Hey everyone… I want to create a external hyperlink to a file (say, Excel or Word)… but I want to ensure the XLS/DOC file is only downloadable if the user is authenticated via Auth0.

In my case, there’s no existing web app using my Auth0 user database. The hyperlink would be in a Tableau workbook… which is only accessible with the Auth0 account in my database.

I work most effectively in a Microsoft-centric env.

So… my current thought is a small “wrapper” .net application that does an Auth0 authentication… inspects the auth0 role attribute… and, assuming the users has the desired role… then response.writes the XLS file requested (instead of directly downloading it).

This feels a little over-cooked a for such a seemingly easy problem… so I wanted to toss this up to and see if there’s a more obvious/easy solution.

IIS has a very easy to activate Windows-Authenication option that would prompt for active-directory credentials… but I wouldn’t know how to route that to Auth0.
IIS also has FTP… but that doesn’t feel like a secure solution even if I could route the authentication to Auth0.

Maybe there’s a preexisting project out there that this?

Thanks everyone!