Does "organization" work with "sso integration"?

I’m interested in “organization”, but from what I’ve read in the documentation, it seems to only work with applications that I’ve created myself. Is it possible to make it work with the SSO Integration that Auth0 originally provided, such as Dropbox?
I have a hard time understanding “Organization”, so I would like you to tell me about it.

Hey there @founderz , I hope you’re doing well.

The scenario you described above would not fit with an SSO integration like Dropbox.

Organizations has their own associated members, which represents generally a group of users (like an active directory group where users are compiled together based on a shared trait. For example, a company or team) who can access your applications by logging in through the organization’s configured login page. It’s important to note that leveraging this feature depends on the subscription type you have. Let me know if you have any questions!


I understood.
Thank you so much !

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