Does Auth0 Sales use spoofed caller ID numbers for outbound calls to existing customers?

I’ve been missing some calls on my work phone for a couple weeks - ignoring a call from a town in CT (I’m based in Hartford) with a number I don’t recognize. This afternoon for whatever reason I picked it up. It’s an automated call - but a human eventually says hello, knows my name, introducing himself as (don’t remember his name) from Auth0. He knew I recently got an email from his colleague.

I challenged him on the use of a spoofed number, and he defended it with some story about how the automated calling system Sales has uses “unused numbers in the area of the customer being called”… I told him to call me from a number I can verify as being from Auth0. Haven’t heard back yet…

Sorry, Auth0. I really want to believe this is a spam/phishing attempt, and NOT how Auth0 conducts business… is it?

Does anyone know? Was this a valid Auth0 sales guy?
thanks for any insight anyone can shed here.

Hi @thomas.dooley,

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Thanks for reaching out on this. I am looking into it and while update here with an answer.


I spoke with our account development manager on the issue and I can confirm the call came from Auth0 and was not a phishing attempt.

Regarding the phone number; the third party outreach service we use handles dialing, this is part of their service. Typically, existing Auth0 customers will not get dialed, but in this case it is possible that you were not filtered out. I apologize for the reach out.

If there is anything else I can help with please let me know!


Thanks for looking into this for me, Dan. I appreciate the help and the explanation.

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Thanks for your understanding!

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