Does Auth0 provide SSO for Jira

I have been looking for ways to login to Jira through Auth0 using SSO. But didn’t find the Jira listed in SSO integration

There is no out of the box integration setup, however, according to the documentation it’s possible to use SAML-based SSO with the Atlassian products ( so you can configure Auth0 as the SAML identity provider which should achieve what you need. See the previous linked documentation for the configuration requirements on the Atlassian side and also check ( for information on how to configure the Auth0 side of things.

Hi, thanks a lot.
Had some confusion as SAML was not listed under SSO Integration. But is available as Add On for the client App.
I am able to configure Auth0 as Identity Provider for Jira.

Hi Amit, you can follow steps here:

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Thanks again for sharing this link Amin!