Does auth0 provide any certifications

I want to be auth0 certified. Does auth0 provide any certifications and training?

Hey there!

We don’t have such certification program for now. The project is in progress. What you can do now is become Auth0 Ambassador. The idea is quite different but have some similarities. Maybe you’ll find that interesting!

I have already registered for this program. What next is required after registeration?

When did you do that? You should be contacted by our developer relations team reegarding that

I did this long time ago around one month. No one contacted me yet. I put his query even on community but no answer. :frowning_face:

Let me reach out to the responsible team regarding that… I’ll let you know once I have any news from them

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Thanks. Much Appreciated

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No worries! We’re here for you!

The team was undergoing some changes and they have a slight delay in responses. I checked your submission and it was around two weeks ago. You should be contacted by them soon. No matter if you are accepted or rejected everyone is notified.

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Thanks for acknowledge.

I guess you should be contacted within this week.

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Hi @konrad.sopala,

As you said above, no one from Auth0 team still contacted me yet. Would you please check on your team again.


They’re in the process of reviewing their backlog currently. Please be patient

Hey there!

Did you get a reply from them so far?


No one contacted me yet… :frowning_face:

Oh gossh… Let me ping them once again!

Please, I was trying to be patient :grinning: :grinning:

Gotchya! Will get back to you with the news soon!

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Thanks. Appreciated. :+1:

Hi @rashid779939! I’m sorry you didn’t get the response from us. There was a bit of a delay, and I managed to process your request on Feb 28th. Can you check your spam folder? The email came from me (Ben Dechrai) if searching for that helps.