Does a refresh token's family that is in a rotation expire when used within a refresh token's absolute lifetime

Given we have enabled the Refresh Token Rotation and have a refresh token family, does the whole family expire at any time or does it only expire when the latest refresh token’s absolute lifetime is reach.

If thats the case does this mean if a refresh token is used to get a new access token everytime before the Refresh Token’s Absolute Lifetime is hit that you can use this Refresh Token Family
theoretically forever?

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I have the same question. And my research points me to: yes indeed “child refresh tokens” get expired at the end of “parent refresh token” expiration lifetime. No matter what. Their expiration date does not get pushed in the future as you issue new “child tokens”.

But I need confirmation like you.

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Hey there @benoit and @CloudNStoyan !

That’s correct - All tokens within the same family will expire at the absolute expiration.

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