Documentation: the code sample links on this page are not correct for the new Vue 3 samples

Thanks for your tutorials and samples. They work really well.

I started here (Vue 3 Options API):
which led me to here:
which all worked out of the box until the step:

Make an Authenticated API Request

The code below that point is not the correct code to use.

I needed to return to the starting page (the Vue 3 Options sample code): basic-authentication-with-options-api and follow on from this step on that page:

Set up the Vue 3 Options API client application

On that page I needed to get the AUTH0-ACCESS-TOKEN from my Auth0 Applications / APIs section (or from where I pasted it into the express-javascript/basic-authorization tutorial page).

That makes sense now Ihave done it but was confusing for me as a brand new user to Auth0. :wink:

As an aside: as with the other node.js tutorial pages, these steps are back to front:
git checkout basic-authentication-with-api-integration
cd spa_vue_javascript_hello-world_options-api

One needs to cd before git checkout, no?

After that, all worked really well! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @flowt-au,

Thanks for reaching out with this feedback.

I am going to reach out to the maintainer of these examples and I’ll pass this feedback along.

Thanks again!

Looks like this has been addressed here: Vue 3/JavaScript + Options API Code Sample: User Authentication For Basic Apps

Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

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