Documentation on the geoip data available in rules?

I’d like to use the geoip information that is available in rules (e.g., context.request.geoip), and I’m able to get it added to the id token and everything seems to be working great (thanks for this feature and the example rules!).

Now, I’d like to store the geoip time_zone provided by the rule in our internally-managed login session table, and would like more information/documentation about this data. I was unable to find anything.

Specifically, is it possible to get a list of all valid time_zones (which would allow me to update/check against a list I keep internally, and allow a foreign key validation when storing the our session records)? Is it some version of the TZ database? (

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I’m looking into this and will see what I can find out for you


Hey there!

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Do you still require further assistance from us?

Thanks. No, we ended up not taking the approach outlined in my question. But, for the benefit of the user community, I still believe there would be value in documenting, somewhere, anything about this data (esp. if it’s always a subset/version of the TZ dataset, which it generally appears to be).

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Gotchya! Thank you! Will relay that feedback to appropriate team!