Django - auth0 integration of user login/signup

While creating django integration with auth0, there are few tables created in my database but I am not able to find the use case of this tables anywhere so want to understand on it, also if a new users comes it is allowing to login with passwordless instead it should redirect the new user to sign in page. Is that thing available>

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When integrating Django with Auth0, the necessary tables that are created in your database are usually used for storing OAuth2 related data for authentication purposes. Here are some examples of these tables:

  1. oauth2_provider_application: Stores information about the OAuth2 applications (clients) that can use your Auth0 service.
  2. oauth2_provider_accesstoken: Stores information about the access tokens that your Auth0 service provides to the users. Access tokens are used for API authorization.
  3. oauth2_provider_refreshtoken: Stores information about the refresh tokens. Refresh tokens are used to obtain new access tokens without requiring the user to re-authenticate.

Regarding passwordless connection forced on the new users, can you check how you invoke a connection to Auth0? You may force your users passwordless by stating connection={sms|email} during the call to /authorize endpoint.

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