Display error message on the login page

Hi! I posted questions two days ago about using post login action to confirm email verification when user login. Originally, the action was triggered when a user try to register an account. However, by adding condition event.stats.logins_count > 1 solved the issue. Now the action only works on when the user login.

However, I still would like to know if there is a way to display error message on the login page. Currently, when unverified email user try to log in, redirects to base URL “localhost:4300” containing an error query parameter and error_description instead of displaying error on the login page.

If there is no way to display error message on the login page, I would like to customize the the redirection URL, such as navigating to “localhost:4300/home” instead of the “localhost:4300”, so that I can display error message on specific page.
I’m using Angular app and Universal login. Thank you in advance!