Difference in the behavior of iOS and Android SDK login and forgot password flows

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: Lock iOS & Lock Android
  • SDK Version: iOS: 2.17, Android: 2.24.0


  1. On the Lock frameworks login screen if we type something and then clear the field, iOS fields show an error message e.g, “Cannot be blank” (from my Lock.strings: “com.auth0.lock.input.empty.error” = “Cannot be blank”;) and highlights the border of the fields in red, but on Android, it just clears the field. Is it supposed to be different between both platforms?

  2. Android lock framework is using only 1 string from the strings XML file for both input error and input empty
    Input error vs.
    Cannot be blank This is not used

  3. On iOS, if someone entered a wrong email format in forgot password flow and clicks on the send button, regardless of the error in the form field, it still takes you back to the login screen with a success message whereas in Android, it won’t allow if the email field has validation errors. This seems like a bug.

These issues are causing problems for our design team to make the flow consistent across iOS and Android.

Is the Lock team is working on such fixes? If yes, is there an ETA when can we expect this?

Any input or advice is appreciated.

Many thanks.