Difference in log streaming information

Problem statement

When the “Successful login” log was transferred to AWS EventBridge using Auth0’s Log Streams, there was a discrepancy in the data content. The details of the discrepancy are as follows:

  • user_agent is different.
  • isMobile is missing
  • No description
  • No id


There are sometimes sensitive details in the description. The description field was an issue for the data team since it could hold sensitive data and get dropped as a result; this is why it is not present sometimes.

There is a backlog item to work on this. In the future, we will be offering new log structures with more guarantees about the qualities of each field, but we cannot provide an ETA at this time.

We do not generally strip out properties as part of the streaming process. The only possible exception to this we are aware of is that if a downstream provider has tight message size constraints, we opt for “best-effort” and strip some of the details properties rather than not deliver the message at all.

The isMobile is not included as it’s part of an enrichment step that doesn’t occur on the code path logs take when being streamed out. It’s done internally within the management API backend right now. We check if the user-agent contains mobile; if so, we set isMobile to true. So you can determine the isMobile value from the user-agent string.