Did Auth0 supports Offline App usage?

We have an application built using Auth0 React and would like to know about the offline support provided by Auth0. Our application is designed to work in offline mode. We currently observed that when the application goes in offline mode, and when user tried to refresh the page, Auth0 trying to do some client id validations (for eg in the browser

address bar noticed this check https://somedomain.com/authorize?client_id=xxxxx
) which required internet access and same is failing because it’s in offline mode. Any solutions for this issue ?

Hi @prasad.ambaledath,

Auth0 isn’t designed to be used “Offline”. You may be able to find a way to use it, i.e. caching a token for a longer session, but you are likely to run into a problem when you app tries to renew the token with the existing cookie session or with a refresh token. These calls require connection to Auth0.

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