Determining the age of Auth0 session during silent-auth

We use Auth0 to log users into several different websites. When a user logs-out of one of our sites, we want to invalidate that user’s session on all sites, forcing them to log-in again.
Thus far, we have achieved this using a global-logout micro-service. When any of our client sites perform a user log-out, it posts the timestamp of the user’s logout to the global-logout server. Then, every 5 minutes or so, every other client site checks to see if a user’s session was created prior to the last global logout - if the session is older, we invalidate that user’s session and force them to log-in again.
The downside with this approach is it means that the user is forced to re-login to every client site after a global logout event. Ideally, after a global-logout event, the user would be able to re-login to Auth0 once, then silent auth (prompt=none) into all subsequent client sites.
In order to do this we need to be able to identify the age of the user’s Auth0 session when performing the silent-auth, as this would allow us to distinguish between silent-auths for Auth0 sessions that are older than the last logout (and therefore should be full re-auths) and those which are more recent.
I’ve been inspecting the response that comes back from a silent auth (Configure Silent Authentication) and I don’t see any way to identify the Auth0 session age. Am I missing something, or is this not currently possible?

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