Detecting signup on Authlock

When a user signs up, i need to create a record on my application’s database to store things like user posts, votes, etc.

I cannot find a ‘sign up flag’. Is there a way to detect that a user has just signed up as opposed to signed in when using AuthLock so i can trigger the creation of the user record on my server?

The only solution I see at the moment is to send the user id to my server (in the body of my get request), check if the user record already exists and either return the server data or create a new record (probably not best practice on a get request).

Please help

What connections are you using?

If only using a database connection, you can use a Post User Registration Hook to call your backend to create the associated entry.

As Hooks currently only run for database connections, if you’re using a social connection, you could use Rules. For example, first make a GET with the user_id; if no matching user in your database exists, perform a subsequent POST.

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