Designate a Computer as a "trusted machine" on a Network

Problem Statement

We want to designate a computer on a network as a “trusted machine” for a period of 30 days.

When the user performs a first login, they would have the option to select a checkbox, which allows them to nominate their computer as a “trusted machine”. If they don’t tick the checkbox, the token will expire in 24 hours based on the token expiration configuration on the tenant.


We don’t support this use case currently. It would be a feature request if we talk about “user agent” (aka browser) because we cannot designate an entire “computer” as trusted.

There are a couple of possible minor workarounds that might help:

  • Depending on whether the expiration is absolute (fixed) or “sliding”, you can explore the option of getting a Refresh Token to avoid enforcing user login every 2-24 hours. If the app is web, you can manage sessions on that side.

  • If it is native - we suggest researching the capabilities of the target OS (e.g. Android), but most probably you will need a Refresh Token anyway.

If this requirement is critical, it might be worth contacting our Professional Services team: Auth0 Professional Services