Demo API for Proof of Concept OAuth Logic App

Good afternoon,

I have been put onto a project to create a new Azure Logic App that will connect to an API, download data and put it into a flat file or database.
The company that is going to be creating the API has not finished it yet so at the moment I am trying out some things to see how hard stuff is going to be to set up. I’ve been told that the API will be using OAuth (ClientID & Secret) and my assumption is that it will use Server to Server auth.

For the proof of concept I have set up an Auth0 server and am really pleased I was able to get an access token earlier today!

However the second part I am a bit stuck on.

The instructions I have been given from auth0 are to put in a path to my API

Can I can create a mock API using auth0 for this step?

curl --request GET
–url http://path_to_your_api/
–header ‘authorization: Bearer redacted

Thank you in advance


Hi @leftblank,

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I think you may be referring to the API Identifier (aka audience). This is simply an ID for your API. It doesn’t need to be a working URI – it acts more like an ID than an endpoint. Auth0 will never call this URI, and your Auth0 auth server simply uses it to set the audience parameter in the Access Token. Helpful doc

You cannot create a mock API using Auth0.

If that didn’t answer your question, please let me know!

Thanks Dan! That helps me. It also helps my understanding about how OAuth works etc. Thanks again.

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