Deleted Rule still being applied

I had a rule that would add pe: 1 to the app_metadata on users first login attempt. The rule was not working as intended. It would add the value randomly, so I deleted it. Somehow the rule is still being applied to some users. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? How can I make it stop?

Thank you!

  • Use the webtask realtime debugger (extension), log things to the console from within the rule for a test (well, before you deleted it).
  • Make sure it’s really coming from this rule and not elsewhere. (How did you verify that the set attribute is really coming from this deleted rule?)
  • Make sure no other mechanism (such as hooks) is in place that sets the value somehow

That’s the recommendation adhoc without knowing anything about your environment, rule(s) or code.

You can also check in the Auth0 Management API Explorer and fetch all rules to make sure there are no “hidden” rules that for some reason don’t show up in the dashboard (shouldn’t happen, but just saying).

It would add the value randomly,

What do you mean with “randomly”? A random number assigned, or only working randomly on certain users?

still being applied to some users

Any pattern on which users are affected?