Decode JWE's access token

I am implementing the decoding of access tokens with scratch.
access token’s header indicates a common key as following
“alg”: “dir”,
“enc”: “A256GCM”,
“iss”: “XXX”

In that case, I need common key which can decodes JWE,but there are no common key in the Auth0 dashboard. I think JWKS Endpoint cannot be used this time because it is a public key.
Where is the commonkey

Hey there @kito.hirokazu welcome to the community!

This looks like an opaque access token - If you need to decode it at all, you’ll need to include an audience param when constructing the /authorize request. It depends on how you are initiating authorization, but the audience is typically set when configuring Auth0 - For example AuthorizationParams in auth0-react.

The following FAQs should be of use:

Thank you for your help.
I input Audience and I can get correct Token!!

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