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Deactivate (or block) users after X number of days

I was trying to find if there was a way to deactivate (or block) accounts after a certain amount of time has passed. For example. Deactivate (or block) the user 10 days after account creation, or after certain inactivity period.

I couldn’t find anything.

Is there an approach we can take to automatically disable/deactivate users?
Besides writing our own code that would query the API for user creation date and take measures appropriately.

Primarily thinking about users stored in DB hosted by Auth0.

Hi @zarko,

Welcome to the Community! The only to do this today is by writing your own code. We’re looking at something similar: a script that deletes orphaned user accounts that did not complete our user onboarding process.


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Suspected as much. Thanks in any case @markd

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@zarko you can always submit that as a feature request for our product team. They should reach out to you within 10 business days. Here’s the form:

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