Database Action Scripts get Error with the right Event Type

I used Database Action Scripts to login my users from the API. When the login is wrong I would like return the event type fu and when the password is wrong I would like return event type fp.

To day when the login or password is incorrect I return :

return callback(new WrongUsernameOrPasswordError(email, "Email or password unknown"));

Tomorrow I would like return fu or fp

Do you have any idea how I can do it ?

Hi @nbremont,

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I understand you would like to return a specific error message when a user provides invalid credentials.

Before we continue, have you had the chance to review our Troubleshoot Custom Databases documentation?

It goes into more detail about returning a fu or fp error. I have attached a screenshot for convenience below:

Please let me know if you have issues getting the correct logged event.

Thank you.

Sorry, I read this part to fast :

  • Passing no argument or falsey first arg for fu event
  • Providing truthy first arg for fp

Thank you for your quick response :pray:

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