Dashboard administrator that can manage users?

I’ve been reading the Manage Administrators and Support Center Users article. It sounds like the “Dashboard administrator” is what we’d like to setup however we would like that user to also be able to manage other users.

I’ve also been reading about permissions and roles and that sounds like it might be the way however I’ve been unable to get anything to work so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @SwansonRussell,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community! :tada:

Can you please explain what you’ve tried and what the issue is? Is the user in question already an Admin for your tenant? If so, does the user have all the necessary permissions? You can send me the tenant and user email in a private message if you’d like me to investigate further.

Sure, I’ve sent you a private message. Here are the steps I’m trying.

  • Created an API. Gave that API these permissions. read:users, update:users, delete:users, create:users
  • Created a new role at Users > Role. Gave that role the above permissions.
  • Applied that role to to the User.

When I log in as that user I can see other user accounts but can’t edit them or create new user accounts.