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I wanted to customize the password policy this way: The password must contain alphabets(upper case or lower case), may or may not contain numbers, may or may not contain special characters and must be at least 6 characters long.

Currently, if I choose the policy under “Good” Password strength, it becomes mandatory for the password to have at least 1 number or 1 special character. I need a way around this. Is it possible?

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Hi @Nirali22,

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The Excellent, Good, Fair, and Low options for password policy are based on OWASP and NIST recommendations and standards for strong passwords.

It is advised to use a Good or Excellent password policy to help protect user accounts. However, you can achieve the password policy you have described by dragging the selected policy to Low and updating the character length. Users will still be allowed to use upper and lowercase, special characters, and numbers, but it will not be required.


Hey @stephanie.chamblee
Thank you for the response! If I select the “Low” Password Policy, uppercase and lowercase characters will also become optional. I want only numbers and special characters to be optional. The password must contain characters. So the “Low” Password Policy can’t be used in this case.

Is there a way around this?

Oh, I see! So the password must not be numbers and/or special characters only.

Unfortunately, the only pre-made password policies are listed here:

I would suggest submitting a feature request for this level of password policy customization to our product team:


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