Customize Lock UI with application logo

Me and my team are really frustrated with the difficulty to implement custom logos for applications in Lock UI. We’ve contacted the support and they recommend us to follow a hardcoded implementation, where we have to add logos url one by one each time we create an application. It would be much easier using some variable like {{ application.logo }} on the login template page.
We thought it would be easier as the homepage simulation “promise”.

Hello, @jairpjunior, and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I think this is a misinterpretation of the sample posted. Think of Auth0 as the way of logging into your application, rather than the application that you are logging into.

This is why we display your one logo rather than the application’s logo - even though you are logging into the application, you are using “MyCompany’s Login” in order to log in to “My Application”.

However, I can understand how this can be something that doesn’t necessarily suit your needs. This is why we allow for the customization of Lock, where you can achieve what you are looking for.

I would recommend that you let our Product team know about this by contacting them through As I mentioned, I can see how this can be used in a different way, and they might want to consider it when developing it new features or improving Lock.

Thanks for the answer @joseantonio.rey! I just sent the feedback.
How exactly I could achieve what we’re looking for customizing Lock? Is there a away using the template on Auth0 dashboard?

Hello, @jairpjunior,

In this case, you should follow our Support team’s advice. If you would like to customize the code further, you could write some javascript that modifies the value of the logo key depending on the application name, or client ID, but that would be something you have to build.