Customizations of New Universal Login Page

Problem Statement

What are the options for customizing the New Universal Login (ULP)?


When customizing the New Universal Login Page (ULP), there are a few configurations/options:

  1. Customize New ULP Text Prompts
    Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts
    This configuration customizes the texts displayed on the ULP, e.g. the title, description, hints, etc.

  2. Customize New ULP with No-Code Editor
    Customize New Universal Login with the No-Code Editor
    This configuration customizes the color, font, borders, and backgrounds of the widgets on the ULP.

  3. Customize the New ULP templates
    This configuration customizes the whole ULP HTML code.
    You can use two widgets in the template: auth0:head and auth0:widget. And you cannot* customize the HTML code inside these two widgets. That’s where the customizations in #1 and #2 kicks in, they provide the ability to customize these two widgets themselves.
    With the ULP templates, you can customize the HTML code around the widgets, e.g. add a page footer, a background image (the background image is supported in the no-code editor as well), etc.

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