Custom UI example that doesn't involve redirecting to Universal Login experience?

Are there any examples of/tutorials on implementing a Custom UI that doesn’t redirect to the Universal Login experience? I’m having trouble finding any.

I’m also looking to implement a Custom UI signup page that authenticates directly after signup, much like how the Universal Login experience works, but this is also lacking examples in the docs.

Hey there!

Let me dig into that and see whether there will be a solution for that!

Hi blackwood,

Are you asking:

  1. I want to implement a login experience that does not redirect anywhere
    or 2) I don’t mind redirecting, but I want a fully customized login page

If it is #1, I strongly recommend against doing this. See Centralized Universal Login vs. Embedded Login
You will lose SSO etc.

If #2 then there are ways to do that, including using classic ULP and replacing the template with completely custom content.

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So you’ve got the answer now :slight_smile:

Could you expand on the #2 solution? Would it just involve uploading the custom login page through the interface? I was under the impression that an entirely custom UI using just Lock or Universal Login wasn’t possible.

Go to the ULP on your dashboard, and go to the login template, and make sure you can change it.

This is javascript and you can put whatever javascript you want there.
You probably should use lock.js but you don’t have to.

This topic is a lot more complex than that, of course, but that should get you started.


Thanks a lot for the knowledge John!

Right, I’ve done this step already. I was under the impression that you can’t have an entirely custom UI using the ULP on the dashboard. Correct?

Can you tell me what you are trying to do that wouldn’t work using custom JS in the ULP template?

I’m implementing the login based off a design requirement that includes a sidebar and menu, along with a custom look and feel (no box shadow, no logo, custom text, control over the form element colors, widths, etc.)

I’m essentially aiming to have entirely custom HTML and CSS.

The ULP template has HTML and that is entirely under your control (in the classic mode, not the new mode). You can put whatever you want there.

Doesn’t that do what you need?


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Yep when it comes to HTML you can customise it based on your needs

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