Custom Sign up page fields in New ULP


We need to add custom fields to the Sign up ULP like Verify Password/First Name/Last Name etc. I looked around in the community questions and the Auth0 docs and didn’t get a firm answer if it’s possible in New ULP yet(some of the posts are a few months old so not sure how up to date is that info). Can anyone give a firm answer if it’s possible to add new fields to the Sign up page using New ULP? If not, is there a timeline for when this would be available in the New ULP. I like the fact that the new ULP is modern and lightweight but it would be pretty unusable if it’s missing basic customization.

Thanks for your time!

Hey there Mohit!

I’d like to share some context behind New UL. Basically when we were designing it, our core purpose in mind was to make it as light-weight as possible. That was possible due to taking the cost of making it less customisable although the. team is constantly working to make it more and more customisable making sure that it’s still lightweight :slight_smile:

Here’s the doc containing all the limitations of New UL:

Thanks for your response @konrad.sopala. Do you have a timeline for when those customizations be made available to customers in the New Universal Login Experience?

Good question. Basically it works the way as in every product company. The more feature request wee get through our product feedback ( form the more likely / the faster certain feature get shipped.

I don’t have any ETAs on those limitation but if you are interested in particular ones I can ask about them!

Thanks @konrad.sopala. I think I’m mostly interested in two enhancements to the New Universal Login Experience:

  1. Ability to add custom fields to the Sign up page in New Universal Login Experience which forms the basis of my post.
  2. Ability to write Liquid Page Syntax in the Auth0 Dashboard UI(rather than using the Management API to change the New Login pages) just like how Classic Universal Login pages can be modified directly in the Auth0 Dashboard UI.

Much appreciated!

I’ll reach out to appropriate product manage and find out more about it!

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response.

Unfortunately there are no public ETAs for those limitations. As soon as I have some info on that front, I’ll let you know!