Custom MFA with Email With Resource Owner Password Grant


I am trying to implement Custom MFA with Email. I have enabled mfa at the application level and added rules for that client application.
So while trying to authorize with AuthenticationApiclient (C#, auth0 nuget) using ResourceOwnerTokenRequest, it does throws me an error for mfa_required, but the mfa_token is not available in the ApiError object in the exception.

var result = client.GetTokenAsync(new ResourceOwnerTokenRequest
ClientId = auth0ClientId,
ClientSecret = auth0ClientSecret,
Audience = “”,
Scope = "openid profile ",
Realm = “Username-Password-Authentication”, // Specify the correct name of your DB connection
Username = “”,
Password = “strong_password”,

While i do the similar stuff with http client and grant_type as “”, i do receive the mfa_token in the response.

Any pointers will be helpful. Thanks in advance

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I tested this through Postman and am successfully getting an mfa_token returned. This makes me think it is an issue with the SDK.

Can you please create an issue in the repo?


Hey, just looked in to the existing issues and it was handled already by #376.
Seems like my nuget was old as it was an old existing poc.
Since release of nuget 7.0.3 this issue was resolved.

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Thanks for updating the thread. Glad you figured it out.

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