Custom login in android app

I can see there is end point for signup. So we can create custom ui and call that end point for sign up but for login I don’t see any api which supports email and password in request. So how to create your own custom ui for login?

Would using the Embedded Login be an option for you. If so, it should get the job done!

Yes, I can see there is authentication apis to use but not sure which one to use because i don’ see any login api which accpets email and password?

Hi @pj210493

For all operation that resolves user authetication you will need you user Authentication API, for email and password you need Resource Owner Password Flow → and link to our Docs Resource Owner Password Flow

I hope this will help you!


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I am getting below error when trying to login, any idea?

Also i don’t see anyway to handle forgot password in api flow.