Custom Log Streaming Integrations with Mixpanel and Segment

Hi Auth0 Community!

Auth0 is moving away from log extensions to fully invest in log streaming, enhancing our log stream features and making them more customizable for unique use cases.

No matter industry or size, data collection, and analysis can play a critical role in the success of your business. Without the right data or tools in place, it can be impossible to fully analyze performance and make the right user optimizations. The inability to monitor and react to security incidents can set organizations up for risk and brand consequences - with the average cost of a data breach rising to $4.35 million in 2022. But while real-time data monitoring and alerting is important, it can be difficult to scale —especially if you’re not in the business of data ingestion.

That’s where Log Streaming comes in. Log Streaming allows you to ingest activity data and receive real-time monitoring and alerts enabling you to react to security events, analyze performance, and understand user behaviors. We first introduced Auth0’s Log Streaming integrations in 2020, allowing you to easily integrate Log Streaming into your applications to monitor and keep track of events occurring within your Auth0 tenants. For a bit of a deeper dive into Log Streaming and our past Log Streaming integrations, be sure to check out our Log Streaming overview blog.

As we continue to fully invest in Log Streaming, we’ve partnered with Mixpanel and Segment to create custom Log Streaming integrations built on APIs for two-way communication between applications.

Read more about it here: Custom Log Streaming Integrations - Auth0

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I’m currently using an Auth0 Logs to Segment extension. In looking at the Log Streaming option. Even after filtering the event types included in the stream the event codes are completely different than what is delivered by the the extension.

It feels silly for each of your clients to be forced to write the translation code to move off of a log extension to streaming.

What are your plans for handling that for all of us?

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