Custom Error Message


I working on a a project in which a user will be created and updated using Management API in Auth0. I want to return custom error messages from Auth0 in case of data validations.
For example if i am creating a user with duplicate username instead of returning “The username provided is in use already.” i want Auth0 to return “The phonenumber provided is in use already.” because in my business process phone number is stored in username and i want Auth0 to return meaningfull message instead i have to do string manipulation on my end to see if there is issue of duplicate username.

Quick response will be highly apreciated.

Farheen Qaiser

Hi @farheen.qaiser,

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There is no way to customize the error messages returned from the auth0 management api. You can create a M2M application that acts as a proxy to validate these and create the custom behavior you desire.

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