Custom Error Message for Sign up not working for tenent


I have added this to my Universal Login page:

languageDictionary = {
error: {
signUp: {
“user_exists”: “The user already exists.”

This is working for tenant #1 and not working for tenant #2.

Right now tenant #2 is displaying a generic message: ‘We’re sorry, something went wrong when attempting to sign up’

Is there an additional setting that I have to turn on for the tenant #2 to start picking up the errors listed in languageDictionary?

Hi @vidhi, I would check the “Use a generic response in public signup API error message” setting in the tenant’s Advanced settings section and compare what’s set in the two tenants. If it’s turned on, the signup endpoint will never receive a ‘user_exists’ message.

Thanks for sharing that knowledge Thameera!

Hi @thameera

I was not able to find a setting called “Use a generic response in public signup API Error message” in Advanced settings.

These are all the tabs I searched in Advanced Settings:

  • Application Metadata
  • Device Settings
  • OAuth
  • Grant Types
  • WS-Federation
  • Certificates
  • Endpoints

For these, my two tenants look exactly the same.

Am I missing something?

@thameera I just found the Advanced Settings you were speaking about


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Perfect! Glad you have it figured out!