Custom Domain migration


Our product is moving to a different domain (from .org to .com). We are using a custom domain for our SSO, and we have to update it to However, the only available options are Test and DELETE. As we can have a single custom domain and the documentation does not say how to update it, I assume we first have to delete the old one before we add the new one. As you can imagine, I do not want to blindly do that and I’d like to have confirmation that this is how it should work. Do you know if that is the way and/or if there is any other way? I already contacted support and they were unable to answer my question.

Thank you!

Hey @alexswph, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Yes it is not possible to update the custom domain name, You will need to Delete the existing custom domain and Add the New Custom Domain again.

Only updatable parameters are the following :!/Custom_Domains/patch_custom_domains_by_id

  • custom_client_ip_header

  • tls_policy

You can also use the Management APIs to delete and configure a new Custom Domain in addition to the Dashboard.

Sidharth Chaudhary