Custom Domain for emails still active after cancellation

Dear All
I used a custom domain in the Auth0 dashboard and also enabled the option “use custom domain in emails”. After cancelling my subscription (without disabling the option “use custom domain in emails” beforehand) I am not able to use custom domains anymore. That’s ok so far and I was aware of that.

The issue: For passwordless emails sent via link using /passwordless/start I am still getting links which point to my custom domain! And these do not work anymore (of course, because custom domains only work with a subscription).

Further on: I tried including a “domain” in the link request at /passwordless/start, but this does not work. I am not getting any link with that.

The question: What do I have to do in order to switch off my old custom domain for passwordless emails?

Any help appreciated.

I solved this myself by subscribing again to auth0. As soon as I do that, I can see the custom domain in the dashboard, which is still active. And also, the “use custom domain in emails”-setting is still active.

My advice to people using a custom domain and thinking about cancelling their subscription:
First, DELETE the custom domain in the dashboard AND also switch OFF "use custom domain in emails BEFORE ending the subscription.