Custom Domain and Impersonation

I’ve recently switched to using a custom domain and impersonation via the auth0 website has broken as a result. It is failing on the issuer, which is referring to the native auth0 domain v. the custom domain, but there is no obvious way to update the issuer. ANy pointers? thanks.

my domain is custom domain is . Issuer shows as when it should be

code: undefined
description: undefined
fileName: undefined
lineNumber: undefined
message: "Auth0 returned error `invalid_token`: Auth0 operation failed"
name: "Error"
number: undefined
error: "invalid_token"
errorDescription: "Issuer is not valid."
__proto__: Object
stack: "Error: Auth0 returned error `invalid_token`: Auth0 operation failed↵    at Auth0Error.EmberError (http://localhost:4200/assets/vendor.js:18145:31)↵    at new Auth0Error (http://localhost:4200/assets/vendor.js:126752:17)↵    at auth0.parseHash (http://localhost:4200/assets/vendor.js:126344:27)↵    at callback (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:118188)↵    at eval (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:118918)↵    at eval (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:119859)↵    at IdTokenVerifier.verify (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:83626)↵    at WebAuth.validateToken (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:119804)↵    at WebAuth.validateAuthenticationResponse (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:118427)↵    at WebAuth.parseHash (webpack://__ember_auto_import__/./node_modules/auth0-js/dist/auth0.min.esm.js?:13:117368)"
__proto__: EmberError

Hey there @dbinetti! Since you newly converted over to using custom domains it’s important to make sure you have made all the relevant changes in doing so. I have posted a helpful doc that dives into this below. Please let us know if this helps solve the problem you’ve been facing!

Thanks, @James.Morrison yes I saw that and I got everything working properly.

Again, the issue is with Impersonation. I see nothing here on how to change the Issuer that is constructed on the Auth0 Impersonation site. (And yes, I know it’s deprecated, but I"m still wondering if there’s a way to do it)

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