Custom DB script receives empty configuration object

I’ve created a dummy rule and added some configuration keys and values. But when I try my custom database’s login script, or try the configuration, the login script receives an empty configuration object. I’m displaying it using

console.log('CONFIG:\n' + JSON.stringify(configuration));

It shows up in the debug log as:


What might be wrong? Isn’t configuration supposed to be available in the custom database scripts? I found a MySQL related thread that seems to ref configuration in a login script. It had other problems, not related to configuration, so I take that as an indication that it should work.

I’ve tried logout from dashboard and login again, in case something needed to be applied/take effect. Didn’t help.

Here’s the MySQL related thread:

Oh, I found now that there’s a configuration key/value section below the custom database scripts too. So it’s not in one place? It works if I define my settings there.

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