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Custom database login script - add param or access request content

the use case,
need to send notification to backend system upon a max login failure event.

we have a custom hosted page, using client auth library (auth0.js) to login, with a custom database connection login script, where it calls set of backend api for authentication.

tap in the backend api to track and send notification upon a max login failure, initially thought this was doable but only realized the custom database login script only support the username and password in its param, in order to send notification, additional custom parameter need to feed in from the front end, but it seems cannot access the content therefore the request object. So run to a wall.

tap in the rule, which hopefully will get fired upon the max login failure event, the rule does has the context object but cannot find which rule to fit this use case in.

So we are stuck, any better way to handle this?? please help