Cross Tenant Database connection


I have an existing tenant (call it Tenant A) that has user database (DB-A).
I wanted to know if I can connect to DB-A from another tenant (Tenant B)?

One option is to use the custom database connection and make an api call to authenticate against Tenant A from Tenant B - but I was hoping if there was simpler approach?

Hi @Gratus-BenchSci ,

You can try setting up your tenant B as a SAML service provider and your tenant A as an identity provider, as shown here: Configure Auth0 as Service and Identity Provider

This would allow you to authenticate users in tenant B, using the database from tenant A.

Thanks Ricardo,

I’ve looked at that option. In our case, we need to render the universal login screen on Tenant A so the SAML flow wouldn’t work as that would render the universal login on Tenant B.