Creating saml connection without authorization screens


We need to create a SAML connection in our application, for a certain client. This client is the IdP - they have their own user management system, login screens and all. in that case we, meaning auth0, is the SP.

We managed to do it and the login goes smoothly, but: we get two authorization screens on the first login. one, is a page with the ‘Continue’ buttons, like the below. second, is an App authorization screen on the first login
we need to remove these, since users of the client dont need to pass through all that. they would click a link, login (if they havent done so before) and then go to our web application.

here are the screens

how do we remove them?

actually, i found this article: Disable the Consent Screen for Profile when Logging into Auth0 Applications

any ideas what to do about the other screen?

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Hi @general !

Appreciate your proactive posture!

Absolutely. Once users click on a login button / login link, you can direct them to the SAML login screen (without this intermediate Auth0 screen) by providing the connection param to the /authorize requests:

GET https://{yourDomain}/authorize?
  connection=connection name&

Please let us know if you have more questions about that!

And the connection param would take the value of the SAML connection name from your Auth0 tenant.

Please feel free to follow up if you have any questions @general !

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