Creating Custom Angular Login Page

We’re evaluating Auth0 and are trying to figure out best practices for creating an Angular based customized login workflow. We’re trying to customize the Universal Login page using an Angular-JS solution. It appears that the page needs to be self contained and can’t have any referenced external resources. Is there a best practice guide for Universal Login customization? Should the page itself included all resources? Is CDN integration an option? Is Angular the right fit for this?

Hey there @john.boldt!

Let me help you! Yep so as you’ve noticed the customisation is possible with JavaScript and HTML. Not sure if CDN integration is an option let me research that. What do you mean by can"t have any referenced external resources?

Hey @konrad.sopala - thanks for the response!

Maybe “can’t have any referenced external resources” wasn’t the best choice of words. What it boils down to is our UI guys would like to develop the custom page using Angular and are having difficulty deploying the page and the associated framework. So the question is - are we better off with a simple static HTML page with minimal JavaScript or is incorporating the Angular framework doable?


No worries, glad we managed to get it clear!

Yep we’ve discussed it internally and the answer here is the first version which is modyfying it in the editor we provide as incorporating Angular here is not doable.

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