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Creating a Custom Extension

Is it possible to create custom extensions for Auth0? If so, is there documentation or samples available? The reason that I am asking is that there are mixed messages on various posts about whether it is possible and I am looking for a definitive answer.

Hey @amckendrick

It was possible in the past (which might explain old blog posts talking about it) but it’s no longer supported, I’m afraid.

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This is unfortunate. Without extensibility, you force customers to use the API externally to develop tools and applications, which takes customers away from the Auth0 UI, costs them money, and forces customers to not be able to collaborate on features that many would find useful. It actually, saves you money in the end and entices more people to use your product. Just my thoughts.

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@amckendrick I don’t have the exact details but if I had to guess I’d say custom extensions were sunset because of lack of usage (I don’t remember ever seeing a custom extension developed outside of Auth0).

In any case, the product is driven by customer needs so any feedback on the matter is welcomed.
Do you have specific ideas in mind? Is this something that you think would be beneficial to other users? If you want to leave feedback with a description of your use case at, this reaches the Product team directly and they will love to hear about it.

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@nicolas_sabena I guess one of the main problems is that we want to keep our users in the Auth0 UI. This way, as new features are added by Auth0, we can take advantage of them. Without the ability to extend the UI, we have to use the API and develop external applications and then really, we end up having to re-develop a lot of features that already exist in the Auth0 UI - which doesn’t really make sense. I guess, a feature that would be helpful perhaps would be the ability to provide external links on the Auth0 UI. This way, at least, users could be directed outside of Auth0 to a custom page and then back to Auth0 when they are finished, at least allowing them to utilize Auth0 UI functionality to the maximum. This is a big issue for us now, because a developer created a custom app and the users of course want all of the same features in Auth0, plus his changes, but naturally, I don’t want this.

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In this case, when you are referring to Users to mean dashboard administrators, right?

And, just out of curiosity, are the changes/additions that your developer created something that’s useful only within your application or something that could possibly benefit others?

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Yes. Dashboard Administrators.

And to answer your second point, in some cases yes, and in others no. For example, being able to block a set of users (i.e. not having to go into each user in the search results and block them) would be beneficial to all. Other the other hand, a developer created an Excel import (yes, I know there is an extension similar to this), but they made it more specific to various custom JSON properties that the want to set. In this case, the main concern is having to edit the raw JSON manually on each user becomes tedious and error prone.

Thanks for all that detail.
If you have the time, it’d be great if you can compile it in a feedback entry at, so that the Product team knows that there are people that want this feature back. If you can’t do it let me know, I’ll add it next week. I’m afraid that’s all I can offer for help :slight_smile:

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