createAuth0Client is not working in chrome mobile - android

Hello dear community,
I am using
to execute the following code

connection: ‘twitter’,
client_id: XXXXXX_XXXXXX
}).then(function (auth0) {
auth0.loginWithPopup().then(function (token) {

and it is not being fired, no popup, no answer when i tested in Android with Chrome.
I tested in Chrome for windows, works.
I tested in Firefox for windows and works.
I tested in Edge for windows and works.
I tested in firefox for mobile android and works
but testing in chrome for Android using my smartphone, it does not work
Chrome version 77.0.3865.116
Android 7.0
Could you please suggest me some solution? I really need it working. Thanks a lot.

Howdy @alexm4d :cowboy_hat_face:

loginWithPopup() has worked on mobile devices for me in the past, I’m not sure what’s different.

Would you be able to access the browser console and see if we can output anything of use there?


hi, thanks for your answer, i have tested again with latest chrome version, and now it is working fine.

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Perfect! Glad you have it working now!

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