Create WAAD users before they signin


I do have a question regarding Auth0 users creation.

We have a customer who want to manage authentication but does not want to manage authorization. They have something like 400 users.

We had created an Enterprise connection to their Azure Active Directory and we were hoping to pre-create those users and assign them some roles in Auth0.
So when a user log for the first time they would have been assign the rights roles already.

But Auth0 Users API does not allowed to create WAAD users, only users through a Database or Passwordless connection.

Is there any other way we could do something like that ?
Thanks !

Hi @Erwann. It is indeed not possible to pre-create Azure AD identities on the Auth0 user store beforehand.

An alternative would be to create a rule that check for an Azure AD identity’s first login and at that moment fetches the roles from an external source (like a temporary backend DB) and stores those roles in the authorization system (not sure if you are using the Authorization Extension but, if so, you can use its API to create the roles).

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Thanks @nicolas_sabena for your answer. I will check that !

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