Create two applications, each with a different authentication method, in a single tenant

Hello - I would like to have different authentication methods for two applications in one tenant.
What I want to achieve is as follows
Create two applications (Application A and B) in a single tenant.
Application A is a web application.
Application B is an android application.
The authentication method for application A is password and MFA.
The authentication method for Application B is FIDO (biometric authentication).

To begin with, is this configuration possible with Auth0?

Thank you.

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You can configure two applications in one tenant, however, unfortunately Auth0 currently only supports biometric authentication in the Swift SDK for iOS (FAQ). I know that broader biometric authentication support is on the way, but there is not a public release date at the moment.

I’d encourage you to create a topic in the new Feedback category which our product team reviews: Feedback - Auth0 Community

To create two applications, simply go to the applications tab in your Auth0 dashboard and select “+ CREATE APPLICATION”. Once you choose which application type you are building, you can select a Quickstart that will walk you through either spinning up a sample app or integrating Auth0 into an existing app. When you are finished with the first application, you can select “+ CREATE APPLICATION” again to set up the second application.

Here is the Quickstart for the Android SDK: Auth0 Android SDK Quickstarts: Login

Hi @stephanie.chamblee,

Thank you for your answer!
I will create a new topic in the feedback category for biometrics.

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