Create SSO Connection users with email not upn


We have set up an SSO connection to one of our clients Azure AD.
We have encountered the issue that on login, the users in Auth0 are created with the userPrincipalName as their email address.

So for example, for the user profile below, the user in Auth0 is created as “”, not “”.

@odata.context”: “$metadata#users/$entity”,
“businessPhones”: [
“+11 11 111 1111”
“displayName”: “Doe, John”,
“givenName”: “John”,
“jobTitle”: “IT Generic”,
“mail”: “”,
“mobilePhone”: null,
“officeLocation”: null,
“preferredLanguage”: null,
“surname”: “Doe”,
“userPrincipalName”: “”,
“id”: “xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”

Any idea would be very appreciated, thanks

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Any luck with this? I’m having trouble having email mapped at all, but similarly the attribute is ‘mail’ vs ‘email’.