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CORS Tutorial: A Guide to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing


Learn all about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, how it protects you, and how to enable CORS in your applications

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Isn’t it Cross Origin Resource Sharing?

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Hey @afalahi, thanks for flagging that up. The post title and the forum topics have been renamed :+1:


Hi, thanks for the article! It helped me a lot in understanding why CORS is important. However, I couldn’t seem to be able to grab the code from the github repo, as apparently the repository could not be found? I tried searching in the auth0-blog account too, but no luck there either.

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Hey @fbaptista, thanks for raising the issue. The repository had been inadvertently marked as ‘private’! I’ve fixed it now - could you try again?


Heya @steve.hobbs, I can access the repo now, thx for the swift reply!

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