Cors error in bff pattern

Okay So I have a .net backend, react frontend and using auth0 for authentication. In my frontend I have a button when clicking it sends a request to my .net backend that will redirect my frontend to auth0, thats okay when im looking in the networks tab in the browser. Then my frontend is sending a reuqest to auth0 and looking in the network tab gives me a cors error

My frontend is running on http://localhost:5173/ and I have added this to
Allow Web Origins and Allowed Origins (CORS) in auth0 settings. So cant see where the problem is I hope that I can get some help from you thanks

Hi @Semi1 it seems like the front-end is making a GET /authorize call. For the login to start correctly, we need a redirect to the login page instead. Or perhaps the screenshot is after login when the front-end makes a silent auth call with prompt=none

If it is a silent auth call the following FAQ may be helpful.

Thank you so much for your response I read the FAQ. I dont have any code in my frontend that Will make a request to /authorize