Converting passwordless/magic link users to new Lock login

Hello! We’re about ready to convert from our passwordless/magic link flow to supporting username/password and Google signin with Lock. But how can we support users who have already signed up through the old flow? Their Primary Identity Provider on our dashboard is Email, whereas those created with the new flow have Database there. How can the first set of users log in once we make the change? They don’t have a password, and the password-reset link won’t work for them. Thanks.

Hi @tlhinman,

Could you use account linking to achieve the desired result?

This would require them creating new accounts, then link them by email

Let me know if this does not solve it and we can move forward.


Thank you! Right now, we have few enough users that we manually created accounts for them to use going forward. Is there any way to link users via the Auth0 Dashboard UI, or to run the linking operation just once?

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