Conver auth0-account-link-extensions to action

I’ve already converted all my rules into actions, but i can’t convert this extension code, is there any workaround for this?

Hey there @rhuan.carvalho !

I recommend taking a look at the example found here:

@tyf Hello, thanks for the reply !

await getManagementApiToken(event, api)

I don’t know how i can set this propertys and also, i don’t see any example of the getManagementeApiToken() function in the action example.
Can you please help me on that?

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Hey @rhuan.carvalho no problem, happy to help!

Sorry for the delayed response here, but wanted to be sure and get back to you - The following topic does a great job outlining the steps needed to instantiate the management client:

event.secrets.REDIRECT_SECRET is just a random string that you create - Check out options.secret of api.redirect.encodeToken(options) here.

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